How to Create a Meditation Space in your home

In the beginning of your meditation practice it is very helpful to create a place to meditate. You should meditate in the same place every morning, for example a chair or the edge of your bed. I have a chair next to my bed in the corner of the room with a faux fur throw on it - so it is all cozy! Then I have a little table next to it where I have a candle, a fairy statue, and a photo of an angel surrounded by animals. I also have some blank paper and a pen so I can write down any guidance or inspirations that I receive during my meditations. This helps you meditate easier - so eventually you can get into that meditative space anywhere!

However, the Meditation Space is not essential - the most important thing is to meditate as soon as you get up in the morning before your mind gets active thinking about all the things you need to do!

Toning is a meditation technique that I use often and is great for when it is noisy or you are having a hard time quieting your mind.
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If you are really having a hard time meditating - book a session with me - and I will help you!

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